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Our articles are drawn from different sources and we here at Zombie-Conspiracy.com go to great distances to verify each and every story where possible.  Zombie-Conspiracy.com uses invented names in many of it’s stories to help protect the identities of our sources, we do how ever use real names where public figures are being satirized.  Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.   Most stories here at Zombie-Conspiracy.com are fictitious, ok all of them are.  The readers should suspend belief for the sake of enjoyment.


Mayan Calendar
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Born on this day
July 17, 2018
1889 Earle Stanley Gardner
1899 James Cagney
1917 Phyllis Diller
1920 Kenneth Wolstenholme D.F.C.
1934 Donald Sutherland
1935 Diahann Carroll
1940 Tim Brooke-Taylor
1942 Spencer Davis
1948 Wayne Sleep
1952 David Hasselhoff
1982 Natasha Hamilton
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