Zombies in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Zombie Mummy

Egyptian Zombie Mummy

What some may not realize is that Zombies have been on this planet for thousands of years.  Yes, thousands.  Archaeology magazine has listed a dig site (Hierakonpolis) in Egypt where they have found which may be the first recorded zombie attack.  Recorded in Egyptian Hieroglyphics shows the battle that took place with the images of decapitated heads of people.  They also found grave sites with headless bodies.  This virus as some call it has been around for thousands of years and your government(s) want to exploit you and it for there benefit turning you into a brainless zombie to do there biding.  If  this gets out like it has in China and not contained this outbreak could be the ultimate pandemic and no one will be a winner.  The Egyptians were lucky in stopping this in there time, I hope we will be as lucky.

Chinese Coverup

Chinese Hatchman Zombie Conspiracy

Hatchet Man

So far the Chinese have been able to cover up their Zombie outbreak but there have been leaks getting to the news media, and as fast as it gets out the government cuts the lines of communications.  Reports have been coming out of small villages.  8 such attacks in as little as a month, and all on children.  They are calling these attacks random and copycat killers, but what they are not saying is that it’s the work of Chinese Zombies.

My sources close to our government have told me that the Chinese Government has been working for sometime on re-animating humans in hopes of making a super soldier (Just like several other countries are doing but more on that later).  And it appears that the genie is out of the bottle.

So why children?  That’s easy, Zombies though brainless killing machines have taste and they like some parts of the body more then others.  Brains are one such body part that Zombies crave, another is flesh and if they had a choice it would be young flesh or to a Zombie it’s Veal.

But it’s not just these attacks that are pointing to a Zombie outbreak in China.  There have now been reports of people returning to their village after being reported dead for 10 years.  It’s just small articles, in the news, that never really make it to the front page.

Just search the internet.  The information is out there.  Little subtle news clips seemingly not related.  But as I have found for years now, it’s connected.  And it’s not just China.  Many countries are doing the same thing.

I would love to hear from someone in China, and better yet I would love to hear from someone in any of the villages that has been attacked.  But I wont, why you ask, the government has quarantined these villages and if they are smart they will burn them to the ground if they haven’t already.  “Nothing like the smell of Napalm in the morning.”

Mark my word.  It’s the beginning of the end as we know it.

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